Mosaic Mosaic Cube

Mosaic Minis (5x5x3 mm), 500 Pieces, colourful mix, MXAL

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    ALEA Mosaik
Product Features
  • Package for school, crafts, birthday parties.
  • Set of 500 ceramic micro stones (~0.0125m²), for an area of approx. 11 x 11 cm.
  • Glazed and fired individually from stoneware, therefore with a curved surface.
  • Make the most beautiful decorations yourself with these mini mosaics.
  • The smallest tiles (0.5 x 0.5 cm) as mosaic pieces.
Product Description
Mosaic needs
Suitable to create artistic mosaics with your own hands. In fact, the stones are ceramic tiles, small, individually formed, glazed and fired. The small squares arching over he edges of the 5 mm on the brand liquid glaze. Everyone knows this capillary action from water. What remains, is a surface which shimmers in all directions.
The sise of 5 x 5 mm is also very old.
Even the ancient Romans worked with 5 mm small cubes for wall and floor mosaics. By using our stones, you follow a thousand years old Mediterranean tradition.
Do not have to be sorted. They come sorted according to the colour.

Material: clay, fired at over 1,000°C, not frost-resistant.

The best ones can be found in the books:
Zauberhaftes Mosaik von Ingrid Moras, ISBN: 9783419566688.
Modellieren im Stein von Design von Ingrid Moras, ISBN: 9783419566794.
Mosaik für drinnen und draußen, ISBN: 3772433359.
Mosaik-Schmuck aus Mini-Mosaiksteinen, Sherben und perl, ISBN: 3772434827.
Mosaik-für den garten kunstvolle Decoratonen für draußen, ISBN:3772434800.

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