Mosaic Mosaic Eyes

HIJONES Jewellery Mens Womens Mosaic Cat's Eye Stone Stainless Steel Opal Rings, Wide, Silver and Green, Size N 1/2

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Package: 1 x ring
  • Weight: 17g; Design: mosaic cat's eye stone; Metal: stainless steel
  • Manual polishing, smooth inside.
Product Description
Advantage of Stainless Steel Jewellery:
316l stainless steel also named as titanium steel. It is completely not produce any side effects on the human body,and is the green high-grade green jewellery.
The texture of stainless steel is very tough .It is not like silver will turn black, won't like copper jewellery easily allergy .
Stainless steel jewellery is resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, not change color, do not fade, not allergic, deformation, hard, bright light.Such advantages make it a top fashion accessory.
Item Details:
Weight: 17g
High-quality stainless steel,resistant to acid,alkali resistant.
Manual polishing,smooth inside
Due to manual measurement, there might be 0.1-1.2mm differences, hope you can understand.

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