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Evo-Stik EVO416505 Tile/Grout Adhesives

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  • Mould Resistant Wall Tile Adhesive & Grout 500ml
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Evo-Stik Tile A Wall Adhesive & Grout for Ceramic & Mosaic Tiles 500ml EVO416505

Evo-Stik Tile A Wall Waterproof Adhesive & Grout for Ceramic & Mosaic Tiles is an easy to use, brilliant white, ready-mixed ceramic wall tile adhesiveand grout. It is mould resistant and waterproof when set and complies with EN 12004 (equivalent to BS5980 Type 2 Class AA).

It is non-slip, ready for use and will bond and grout in dry areas to sound surfaces of cement rendering, plaster, plaster-board, old glazed tiles, wood and wood composite panels. Suitable for use in kitchen and bathroom areas subject to frequent and prolonged wetting and for domestic shower walls when applied by the solid bed method.

The colour is a Brilliant White and the coverageis as follows ;

Economy (1 Litre): Notched -1.1m², Solid Bed- 0.35m².
Standard (2.5 Litre): Notched - 2.1m², Solid Bed -0.7m².
Large (5 Litre): Notched -4.1m², Solid Bed1.5m².
Trade (10 Litre): Notched -8.2m². Solid Bed3.0m².

nb. The above figures are approximate and do not include, wastage. They also assume flat surfaces. Note that different trowels often apply the adhesive at different rates.


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