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RayMoon Black Butterfly Pattern DIY Handmade Full Drill Diamond Painting Set Resin Rhinestone Pasted Cross Stitch 50*50cm

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Ideal gift for any festivals. Ideal chose for home decoration.
  • Note:Frame is not included.
  • Just paint it by the color grids. Production process is simple you can create a short time to complete. An easy way to experience a sense of achievement, ability and perseverance cultivate patience, the elderly and children are suitable.
  • It helps to reduce stress, emotional adjustment, active thinking, enhance self-confidence.Also can be used to decorate the family room, make life more harmonious. Draw a person of any age can be made since, including children, family members and so the family more warm.
  • 50*50cm Mysterious Black Butterfly Design. Stylish and Charming!
Product Description
It is the most popular fashion around the world just stick rhinestone diamond to finish your painting for home decoration, you can also do it with your children or family! Let's experience and enjoy the Beauty of Art!

***Package Includes:***
Package included:
1 x Dotting drill pen
1 x Plate
1 x Clay (Can use it to stick resin diamond)
1 x Canvas
1 Set of Multi-color Resin Diamond
(Without the painting frame)

1.Please DO NOT put the canvas folding, lest the co-occurrence crease.
2.Please DO NOT pull the transparent paper on the picture one-time, tear apart the half of it first to protect the glue from losing viscous.
3.Please DO NOTput the diamonds in place where children can easily access, so as to avoid being swallowed by them.
4.Please put it in the flat table when producing it.
5.We add 30% of the fake diamonds because some of them are defective as a result of the process problems . For the overall effect, please select a flawless diamond.
6.Please put the corresponding diamonds into the picture according to the number on them, so as to avoid being damaged.
***How To Use:***
1.Open the product suite,according to color lined up diamonds and organize all the tools.
2.When you start , only need lift a small part of the release paper, in order to avoid other regional sticky dust affect the bonding effect.
3.Paste the diamond into the corresponding grid (according serial number).
4. The diamond after Paste being completed, which makes diamond bonding surface more solid .after this step, your work is done!

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