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Mosaic Tree of Life Glass Beads Kit Puzzle Crystals Multicoloured Crafts, Gifts, Tables, Relax, Therapies Therapist Anti-Stress Gift 60 x 40cm. Super Mario Bros design.

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Product Features
  • Mosaic puzzle tree of life glass beads kit multi-coloured crystals for crafts, gifts, frames, relaxing, soothing therapy. Anti-stress gift - 60 x 40cm.
  • For crafts, gifts, relaxing, soothing therapy. Anti-stress.
  • A work of art made with precision.
Product Description
Mosaic puzzle - tree of life glass beads kit - multi-colour crystals for crafts, gifts, tables, relaxing, soothing therapies. Anti-stress gift of 60 x 40cm. Mini crystals in multiple bright assorted colours. A work of art made with precision. Includes precision tweezers and tray to organise the beads – easy to use crystals, put the crystals in the indicated place with tweezers use a cotton cloth to fix. The crystals come in individual bags by colour and with the number that corresponds to their place on the tapestry in which it must be glued.In terms of what to do with it - use your imagination - in school, as a gift, frame it.

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