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H Tile stickers -Diagonal paste 3D wall stickers | Self Adhesive Decorative Wall Tile Transfers for Bathroom Tiles Design | Decals for Home Decor | , a set of 100pcs 001 , 8cm*8cm

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Quick, easy and clean application.Add an artistic touch to your home.
  • It is self-adhesive, water & steam resistant Easy to remove without leaving stain.
  • Can be applied on hard and even surfaces, such as doors, walls, windows, mirrors, ceilings, smooth metal, tile, plastic surfaces, appliances and finished wood furniture. Their application is not recommended on rough, textured, bumpy or newly painted surfaces.
  • Use them to upcycle furniture, appliances and decorate walls (not suitable for floors)
  • Diagonal stickers: 100pcs. Specifications: 8cm * 8cm, 12cm * 12cm
Product Description

Material: PVC

Fabric main component: PVC

Fabric main component content: 100

Fabric Sub-composition: PVC

Fabric subcomponent content: 100

Function: anti-fouling, landscaping decoration

Wall stickers style: flat wall stickers

Wall stickers type: anti-oil wall stickers

Specifications: 8cm * 8cm, 12cm * 12cm

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