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4"x4" - Turkish Mint - 2 Self Adhesive Mosaic Wall Tile Stickers For 100mm (4 inch) Square Tiles -(TP 80)- Realistic Looking Stick On Wall Tile Transfers Directly From the Manufacturer: TILE STYLE DECALS, No Middleman -- Peel and Stick on Tile to Transfor

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Turkish Mint
  • Manufacturer:
    Tile Style Decals
Product Features
  • EASY TO CUT - The Kitchen / bathroom tile transfers can be cut with regular household scissors. Easy to trim around wall sockets, light switches and customised shapes etc. Easy to clean; simply wipe them down with a nonabrasive cleaner also these are highly resistant to chemicals, such as bleach and ammonia.
  • AVAILABLE IN: sizes 10x10cm or 15x15cm / sample pack of 2 Or pack of 30 stickers |* Each sticker will completely cover a tile of the same size |** These are flat printed stickers, NOT self-adhesive 3D gel tiles |*** NOTE that your stickers will give a good impression once stuck on tiles only, they do not look so attractive when arriving in an envelope
  • IDEAL FOR KITCHENS AND BATHROOMS - Oil-proof, waterproof and resistant to heat; these mosaic tile stickers are suitable for use in wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens and are even suitable for use behind cookers. - REALISTIC LOOKING EFECT - Made with the latest ink technology to significantly reduce colour fading (Beware of cheap similar looking tiles stickers that may not resist fading.) Buy with confidence.
  • BIG MONEY SAVER - These kitchen tile transfers will save you replacing old tiles. Saving you tonnes of time, money and mess!
  • QUALITY - Directly from the producer; - Sticker designs are printed in a lower resolution to give them their authentic vintage look - Durable mosaic wall tiles stickers are resistant to chemicals - Easy to clean, simply wipe them down with a nonabrasive cleaner
Product Description

Printed Vinyl Stickers for Wall Tile

Easy to fit self-adhesive tile stickers will give your tiled areas an entirely new look at a fraction of what it would cost to replace your existing tiles. Just peel and place your tile decal over a clean tile. These are flat printed stickers, NOT 3D gel tiles

These British made kitchen wall tile stickers are designed for use in areas of high moisture. Unlike many cheaper products, the speciality vinyl is made using a solvent based adhesive that will not deteriorate if moisture is introduced.

These tile decals can be used in the shower, backsplash, around cooking hobs, around fireplaces and on coffee table tops (*NOTE stickers are NOT designed to be used on worktops, kitchen tops or floor tiles)

Mosaic tile transfers are easy to apply without the use of tools or messy grouting. In a matter of hours, you can completely transform your bathroom and kitchen. If needed, the sticks on wall tiles can quickly and easily be removed.

Realistic looking effect that most people will believe your stickers are real tiles. Your peel and stick tiles transfers will completely cover the existing tile, ensuring that the original tile does not show through.

Stickers are printed in lower resolution to give them authentic look which can be appreciated when stuck on tiles, only. The same sticker in high resolution would not look so good.

You will receive quality with fitting instructions and reasonably priced wall tile decals that have a great appearance and are easy to fit.

Still not sure? Just try a sample of 2 tile transfers

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