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The Bradford Exchange ‘Forever In My Heart’ Mosaic Angel Figurine – A Luminously Beautiful Heirloom Porcelain® Angel Figurine With Illumination, Glass Mosaic, And 22-Carat Gold-Plating.

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    The Bradford Exchange
Product Features
  • Her angelic glow is real - both her flowing, golden wrap and magnificent crystalline wings illuminate with the flip of a switch
  • An elegant golden reminder graces the front of the figurine
  • Lovingly handcrafted Heirloom Porcelain angel wears a glittering, glass mosaic dress with 22-carat gold accents
  • Beautiful original poem card included
Product Description
A unique Heirloom Porcelain and glass mosaic angel-inspired illuminated figurine, with 22-carat gold-plating, exclusive to The Bradford Exchange - A glittering vision of beauty and grace, she arrives... She's a whispered wish, a precious reminder, a pure and true expression of love's everlasting embrace... She's the 'Forever In My Heart' Mosaic Angel Figurine and she expresses ever-so-beautifully the swirl of emotions you will forever carry deep within in your heart. Handcrafted with love and care by master artisans, this Heirloom Porcelain angel is an ethereal vision in a sparkling, silver mosaic glass dress that's trimmed in shimmering 22-carat gold. Created using an all new mosaic technique, her dress is made of hundreds of hand applied glass fragments that capture the shimmer of the light and the luminosity of her spirit. Her flowing golden wrap is the perfect complement and it's held in place by a single, precious jewel. Unfurling gloriously behind her are magnificent, transparent wings. Crafted of crystalline, they possess a wonderful secret - they glow from within with the simple flip of a switch. This transformative radiance not only adds an angelic glow, it extends throughout the golden wrap to illuminate the golden scripted sentiment: On Angel's Wings you were taken, but in My Heart you will stay. Set upon a handpainted base, the 'Forever In My Heart' Mosaic Angel Figurine is a glorious figure worthy of a special place in your heart and home. And, she arrives complete with a very special Poem Card that speaks tenderly of the love you so dearly cherish. Order now!

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