Mosaic Mosaic Ipa

Craft Beer Starter Kit (Mosaic IPA)

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Product Details
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  • Manufacturer:
    Home Brewtique
Product Features
  • Pre-measured hop additions
  • Vacuum-sealed ingredients
  • Fermenter blocks light from harming your beer
  • Freshly milled grains
  • Bottling Wand (no need for siphons)
Product Description
Specialist Small-Batch Homebrewing Equipment: FERMO - HB's fermenter with integrated bottling spout and LCD thermometer Bottling Wand (no need for siphoning with this magical bit of kit) GRAINSTAY - HB's unique and reusable brewing bag - simplifies the brew day and eliminates an entire process of all-grain brewing Stainless Steel Dial-probe thermometer with a pot clip for easy temperature monitoring Premium Recipe Pack: A beer is only as good as its ingredients. We use the finest grains, all freshly milled by us just before shipping and vacuum sealed to ensure you receive the freshest possible ingredients. Each pack contains: Detailed step-by-step instruction booklet Recipe card with brewer's notes section Freshly milled grains, pre-measured hops, and specialty craft beer yeast Brewer's Sugar for bottle carbonation Kettle Finings (a vegan-friendly seaweed derivative) which helps to clarify your beer 2x no-rinse sanitiser sachets 12 printed beer labels (customisable)

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