Mosaic Mosaic Jewelry Box

My Little Pony MLP4-Y17-4258 Mosaic Sparkling Jewellery Box, Multicolour

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Never mind giddy up, it's time to glam up with the My Little Pony Mosaic Sparkling Jewellery Box.   Friendship is magic in the land of Equestria, and what better way to spend some time with your friends than by creating your own gorgeous jewellery.   This set contains everything you need to create your own unique designs, including lots of pretty gemstones and sticky mosaics.   There are instructions which you can follow to get you started, but don't forget that your imagination can run wild as you dream up your own beautiful designs for hours of fun.   When you've completed your masterpieces and shown them off to your friends and family, store them away in your elegant jewellery box.   Great for glittering girls and boys aged 5 and up.

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