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PADEK DIY 5D Diamond Painting, Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Embroidery Paintings Pictures Arts Craft Home Decoration Red Umbrella Pudding Bear 11.8 X 11.8 Inch

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Red Umbrella Pudding Bear
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Product Features
  • LONG-TERM PRESERVATION - Finished design and the project can be kept for many years without soaking and insolating. Perfect to decorate your living room or bedroom
  • SUPER FLASH - Magic cube round diamond contains 17 sections and do not fade, more colorful, brighter and more realistic than the resin diamonds
  • DIY - This is DIY diamond painting, not finished picture, need you to make it by yourself
  • SOLID HOT MELT ADHESIVE - Environmental hot melt adhesive paste has strong viscosity, not easy to fall off
  • ECO-FRIENDLY CANVAS - This diamond is high clear printing oil canvas, waterproof, thickening, even texture, environmental protected, soft and not easy to fold
Product Description
DIY diamond painting is the new popular products.
It is beautiful what you see in the picture, very shining and amazing.
Production process is simple that you can spend less time to complete.
It is exquisite to give to friends and loved ones to express good wishes.
Simply hung it onto the wall, it will make your room and your world more beautiful.

DIY Steps:
1.Open the box and check the diamond draw special tools.
2.Refer to the table below the canvas to find the corresponding magic cube diamond.
3.Apply a proper amount of diamond adhesive to the pen.
4.Stick the corresponding diamond.
5.Stick the diamond onto the corresponding canvas.
6.The rest of the diamonds can be put inside the zip lock bags.
7.Use book or your hand to press the diamonds to ensure it's more stout.

Package Included:
1*High definition oil painting canvas
Colorful magic cube diamonds
1*Point diamond pen
1*Cube diamond tray
Zip lock bags

Cube Diamond Size:0.1inch

1. The diamond inedible, do not let children play in order to avoid accidents such as swallowing.
2. Drawing need to be kept clean, Otherwise, the adhesive strength is affected
3. Diamond painting is easier than cross stitch, and more beautiful. It is easy for anyone without knowledge of drawing to fulfill a classic artwork. So enjoy making it!

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