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200 Glass Pebbles Nuggets Beads Stones Mosaic Mixed Colours

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Product Details
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    Mosaic Tile Supplies
Product Features
  • 200 (approximately 1kg) Mixed Colours Glass Pebbles
  • Flat bottomed slightly domed on one side round shaped glass pebbles
  • 15mm - 20mm - Mix of pebbles OR *** you can choose your own mix - just send us a message with the colours you would like in your mix***
  • Colours in these pebbles are - Plum, Orange, Red, Peachy Pink, Light Lilac, Dark Green, Light Green, Cobalt Blue, Light Blue, Aqua, Amber, Yellow, Clear
  • Use for Wedding Home and Garden and Landscape decoration Mosaic and Arts Craft making Gardening Fish Tanks Aquariums
Product Description
200 15mm - 20mm glass pebbles flat on one side domed on the other - round in shape - great for wedding home or garden and landscape decoration or and for Mosaic making Arts and Crafts Fish tanks. Put around base of plant pots, in vases, bowls, in glass bowls for wedding table decoration - Mosaics, card making, lampshades, mirrors garden borders and these are just some ideas

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