Mosaic Mosaic Letters

240 Mosaic Foam letters, Craft Hebrew Alef Bet sticky Foam Letters, ideal gift for kids, Creative activity with Hebrew Letters

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Product Features
  • Pack contains 240 letters, 5 of each letter (1 in each colour) and 10 of each vowel (in different colours). Conveniently displayed on push out foam sheets for easy location and removal by kids of all ages, no need to shift through a bag of loose letters!
  • Small peaces of foam letters to stick on paper, no need for glue, Letter size 1inch (2.5cm)
  • Alef Bet Sticky Foam Letters in 5 colours, Kit for kids. Children gift
  • Gift for kids over 3 years old
  • Size of sheet to work from is 19cm x 27cm (10.5x7inch)

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