Mosaic Mosaic Kit

Mosaic Craft Kit for a Tea Light Base, blue

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Product Details
  • Color:
  • Manufacturer:
    ALEA Mosaik
Product Features
  • Mosaic Craft Kit ~ 12x15 CM, heart shape
  • Base made of MDF wood, stable, resistant, smooth and clean surface
  • Contents: all the material, except the tea light/ candle
  • also for children, with supervision
  • You work stone by stone, directly
Product Description
glazed ceramic tiles, the wood heart(Medium Density Fiber) , glue,grout,English Instructions.
Tea light itself and tools not included

Tile shards, reference to Gaudi
Part of the 1 CM tiles you split yourself to shards. This is simply the case of earthenware. Pincer, that cut the copper wire, will do.
Please use protect your eyes with goggles.

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