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The Complete Pebble Mosaic Handbook

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    Firefly Books
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    3rd Third Edition, Revised and Exp ed.
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""This book is indeed complete with every aspect of design material selection, installation and care considered... Appropriate as a coffee table book and an instructive text; beginner and pro alike will not be disappointed." " -- B and B, Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association Maggy Howarth is one of the world's foremost pebble mosaic experts, known for the innovative traditional and contemporary designs she has used to create outdoor mosaics around the world. This new edition is updated, revised and expanded by 32 pages to incorporate many new inspirational designs from the author's studio, Cobblestone Designs, including an experiment in 3-D, spirals and roundels, and large mosaic designs for community spaces. There is also a special section that explores pebble mosaics as a decorative art throughout history. The book provides practical step-by-step instructions for creating mosaics using traditional and modern materials, tools and techniques. The 400 beautiful color photographs and illustrations offer inspiration and make this a stunning how-to book and wish-book. The sections and their chapters are: Core Techniques The basic principles of mosaic In-situ techniques Precast technique Using the computer to make patterns New developments in pebble mosaic Around the World Pebble mosaic traditions from around the world Contemporary pebble mosaicists Gazetteer of Design Ideas and Templates by Maggy Howarth Allover patterns; Chinese allover patterns; interlacing patterns; allover centrical designs; borders; stars; sun and moon; spiral, cross and maze; human figures; mythological figures and anthropomorphic creatures; stick figures; animals; reptiles and fish; birds; insects; flowers; trees; other suitable subjects.

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