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Mosaic craft kit for adults Solomon's knot - Italian marble mosaic tiles - Make your own Roman mosaics wall art - DIY Anniversary gift ideas

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The Solomon's Knot is a very ancient symbol that is believed to represent the union of man and the Divine. In fact, it is one of the oldest symbols and is seen even in the stone-age carvings. It is also one of the few symbols that can be found on all continents and in nearly all the major civilizations. Its frequent appearance in ancient synagogues led to it being linked with King Solomon. Solomon's Knot lends itself to several symbolic interpretations. The absence of any beginning or end in the knot makes it a symbol of eternity and immortality, while the design of two entwined figures makes the knot a symbol of eternal love.

Materials: selected Italian marble mosaic tiles, board with printed grid and frame, hook, image of the finished mosaic, instructions. The kit does not include nippers (to trim the tiles as needed) and PVA glue.

Tutorial: video tutorials available on

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