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Mosaic Kit, Untersätze 2 Untersätze, Salmon Orange

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    ALEA Mosaik
Product Features
  • Contents: Ceramic Mini rocks, paste, joint mittel, self adhesive easy, German instruction manual
  • With 5 x 5 mm the smallest ceramic tiles.
  • The base is made of MDF wood, sturdy and clean edges
  • Assembly Kit for 2 mosaic Untersätze, from cups or glasses
  • Even the youngest 10 with adult supervision)
Product Description
Make your own with 1: 1 template and the trick, with the adhesive foil glazed earthenware for bright colours, with 5 x 5 mm The smallest ceramic tiles. Individually shaped, glazed, fired the stones for this are in fact Ceramic Tiles. Winzlinge, individually made. On the brand liquid glaze wölbt up on the edges of the 5 mm Small Square. This capillary action all know about the water. It is a glass/Finish That Shimmers In All Directions.

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