Mosaic Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

Mosaic Network Mosaic Tiles Square in Beige and Gray Quartzite Natural Stone Kitchen Wall Tile Mirror Facing Lounge Wall Floor Tile Splash Protected KITCHEN SHOWER WALL Mosaic Tile Backsplash Kitchen Bathroom Toilet

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Product Description
Sheet size/mat dimensions and stone size is stood next to the picture.
- The sheets/mats are net verkl used
- Color: As shown subject line
- Material: relevant subject see line
Finish: See picture
If you have any questions about usage such as frost resistant, Operating on the base to in outdoor use, in damp rooms, or permanent disposable range:
You call on this product to clear the exact layout or write me an e-mail relating to where just the mosaic is to go.
TEL: 0951 - 4082250
Email: info @ Mosaic netzwerk. de
From the mats can be cut with a utility knife borders
Installation and care instructions
- Surface should be clean and Lotrecht escape, if required Verspachteln
- From to mosaic or borders shelf to the desired colour play, uniform impression be inspected
- Manufacturer provides Verleget temperature ideally depending on the glue at 15 - 20 °C
'-For Farbhomogenes joint Picture The adhesive to the joint Hochgestiegen is for scraping
- The adhesive & grout can be found on request Available in our
- Excess Fugmörtel with sponge board or hand sponge remove
- Washable at high Feuchtigkeitsbelasteten glueing and grouting with glue Örteln on reaction resin base (epoxy adhesive and Fugmörtel)
For the improper application and installation of the building materials at your own risk
The price is for 10 mats.

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