Mosaic Mosaic Tile Kits

mosaic kit ,20x20cm, Sunflower

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Product Details
  • Manufacturer:
    ALEA Mosaik
Product Features
  • on a wood base with a magical surface
  • over 1500 mini ceramic tiles,
  • pairs of tweezers and pliers not included
  • this is NEW: just dip stones in water, put it in its place and wait a bit.
  • from 10 years - children to be supervised
Product Description
mosaic with true material - no plastics
Mosaic with square elements, 5x5 mm, a size which the Romans used quite often.
The "stones" are actually moulded, glazed and fired as tiny as you see them. The glaze arches upward during the fire, being liquid. It solidifies. This capillary action everybody knows of water. The small domes reflect the light in all directions..

Easy kind of reverse puzzle
Pretty fast thanks to the ingenuity of our new magic material. Just dip a stone
in water and put it in its place. Continue stone by stone.
Wait - and the tessellate are firmly in place.
Your art work is fished easily.

- ceramic micro tiles - wooden base - instructions

Material: Clay, pottery clay, glazed, fired at 1060 ° C.

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