Mosaic Mosaic Glue

Cléopâtre lcc 12-500 Bottle of Glue Mosaic 500 g ,Assorted model

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Decopatch varnish glue mosaic
  • Becomes transparent drying
  • It bonds the opaque glass and pasta on the cardboard, wood, Medium, plaster, terracotta, and metal
  • This model comes direct from the manufacturer in the form of a random assortment of several models and/or colours. It is impossible for us to offer you a model and/or color in particular. By enabling your you will receive one of the items on the picture. Thank you for your understanding. "
Product Description
cléo' mosaic saïc: Special model-making glue with precision tips. White glue becomes transparent dry. Glue mosaic glass paste on cardboard, wood, medium, plaster, terra cotta, metal, etc.

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