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Mosaic Glue 59 ml  Medium Dries Bottle, Clear

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Mosaic Glue 59 ml Medium Dries Bottle, Clear by Mosaic Glue

  • Dries Clear & Strong
  • Works with Glass, Porcelain, Plastic & Metal
  • No Unpleasent odor

Evo-Stik EVO416505 Tile/Grout Adhesives
Evo-Stik EVO416505 Tile/Grout Adhesives by Evo-Stik

  • Accessories
  • Evo-Stik
  • Mould Resistant Wall Tile Adhesive & Grout 500ml

WELDBOND Universal Adhesive Glue 227ml - 8oz

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WELDBOND Universal Adhesive Glue 227ml - 8oz by Weldbond

  • Weldbond is preferred by professional mosaic artists around the world
  • Weldbond universal adhesive 8oz
  • Weldbond is the perfect glue for mosaics, glass gems, jewelry...

Mosaic-fix Tile Adhesive 1kg The best adhesive you can get
Mosaic-fix Tile Adhesive 1kg The best adhesive you can get by Mosaic Heaven

  • Double fired and extremely strong. Frost resistent -30c to 100c
  • Fixes to concrete, brickwork, plaster, plasterboard, mdf, chipboard...
  • If you want your work to last, this is the adhesive you should be...

Evo-Stik Tile a Wall Adhesive & Grout for Ceramic & Mosaic Tiles 1 Litre EVO416512
Evo-Stik Tile a Wall Adhesive & Grout for Ceramic & Mosaic Tiles 1 Litre EVO416512 by Evo-Stik

  • High performace for the home or tradesman
  • Proven reliable Evo-Stik technology
  • Lightweight construction at just 1.85 Kgs

'Sticker Lady' Sam Lo's first solo show marks the end of a chapter - Malay Mail Online

SINGAPORE, Aug 10 — As an urban artist, Samantha Lo’s reputation was largely built around her witty social commentary-laced works in the streets under the moniker SKL0. But these days, the 29-year-old, who was once dubbed Sticker Lady, is talking less about “grandfather roads” and more about things such as, well, parallel universes, quantum physics and meditation. “I had this awakening at one point of time that made me more curious about the world — that there’s so much more outside, and not just in terms of our city or country,” said Lo. Hold on a minute. Is this the same person who did all those Press Until Shiok and Anyhow Paste Kena Fine traffic light stickers. Is Lo turning into a New Age softie. “I don’t know. ” she said with a laugh. “When people ask me for quotes and stuff, I’d tell them things like ‘Elevate and be the change’ and stuff like that. And they’d be like, ‘Wah, now you’re damn zen. You meditating ah. And I like that, because it’s only when people say these things that I’ve realised I’ve changed. Paying homage to Lee Kuan Yew. It does sound like Lo is moving on to the next chapter. It has been some time since the infamous incident surrounding her My Grandfather Road spray-paint graffiti, for which she was charged for mischief and sentenced to 240 hours of community service in 2013. And she is marking the end of this episode... It mainly comprises works from her LIMPEH portrait series of the late Lee Kuan Yew, which was actually what she was known for first, before her interventionist stickers and that certain graffiti shot her to fame. The series, a visual pun combining American street-artist Shepard Fairey’s iconic OBEY poster and the Hokkien phrase meaning “your father” (“Obey your father la”), began in the streets in 2011 as wheatpaste art on A4-sized papers and stickers,... The show marks the end of the series, she said, but of course there is the added layer of significance with this year marking both the nation’s 50th anniversary and the passing of Lee. “It’s a way of saying goodbye to my old self and paying homage to him,” said Lo, describing the series as a way of documenting her feelings (and those of her friends and family) about Singapore’s founding prime. Source:

Spruce up your rental home's bathroom - News24

EVEN though you are renting your place, there are more than a few cosmetic changes that can be done to improve living conditions. Letand#039. s be honest, there are some landlords who really donand#039. t care about the state of the bathroom. As long as the toilet flushes and the taps work, they think thatand#039. s all that needs to be done. And when the demand is high for rental properties, you sometimes just have to settle for something that isnand#039. t quite up to standard. While it is always best to discuss any modifications with your landlord, donand#039. t just approach and ask, put together an idea of the planned changes and how these will add value to the property, or arrange to change the bathroom back to its original condition when you leave. If you are prepared to fork out for the expense for any changes, what landlord wouldnand#039. t be happy to agree to improvements, And be sure to get any approval in writing. Here’s what you can do to spruce up your bathroom in a rental home:. Grab a can of paint. One of the easiest ways to update a bathroom is with paint. At a cost of around R400 per five-litre tin you can freshen up the grungiest bathroom, but if the paint is bubbled or peeling, do some prep work beforehand. Should you decide to paint the bathroom in a colour other than white, either discuss this with your landlord or be prepared to paint the room white before you move out. Good to know. Bathroom windows that donand#039. t allow air to circulate in a bathroom will generally lead to excess condensation, and perhaps even mould around fittings, on walls or the ceiling. Leaving the door open after bathing or showering will help circulate fresh air, or look at the option of installing an extractor fan. For this type of project, get permission from the landlord and have this done professionally. Build a stylish bathroom vanity. In a bathroom that offers little storage, think about making your own bathroom vanity. A sheet of supawood that is 2 700mm wide and 1 830mm high costs around R500, and thatand#039. s a big sheet of board, more than enough to make a decent-sized bathroom vanity with shelves and storage drawers. When you think that a ready-made bathroom vanity will cost around R2 000, putting your DIY skills to good use will not only save you a bundle, it also means that you can design a freestanding bathroom vanity that fits into the. Source:

Surgical Glue Approved for Use Inside the Body - VOA Learning English

MP3 - 128. 0kb/s - 4. 9MB MP3 - 64. 0kb/s - 2. 4MB. Medical adhesive products are becoming more common. Doctors use medical adhesives to help reconnect damaged tissue. They are able to stick fast and hold the tissue together. But until recently, no product had been approved for use inside the human body. Earlier this year, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved a kind of biodegradable glue for use in surgical operations. The product, called TissueGlu, breaks down over time. Eric Beckman teaches engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. He says TissuGlu was created by accident. Around 2001, Mr. Beckman and a dental surgeon at the university were working on a problem. They had set out to design a tissue regeneration membrane in a laboratory. In the process, they accidentally discovered a sticky, glue-like substance. “The substance at the time in the lab was just, it was a science project. It was a laboratory material. TissueGlu is orders of magnitude more sophisticated. TissuGlu is a chemical compound used to make plastic. It is non-toxic, meaning it is not harmful to humans. Doctors can now use it to connect big pieces of skin and tissue inside the body. Eric Beckman says the university researchers recognized the possibility of developing and marketing TissueGlu. They knew that medical adhesives and liquid bandages were becoming increasingly popular. But nothing like that existed for use inside the body. “Step one was to find a business team that could actually help us turn what was essentially a technology into a real product and then get it through the regulatory pathway. In 2006, Professor Beckman temporarily left the University of Pittsburgh to set up a business, called Cohera Medical. One of the company’s first employees was scientist Dottie Clower. She had worked in the Office of Enterprise Development at the University of Pittsburgh. She had advised Mr. Beckman about making his technology available to others. Now, she was given the responsibility of product development. “I think that one of the things that made this an attractive business opportunity was in some ways the simplicity of the idea… This was simply a glue that you could use inside the body and everyone understood that. So from the perspective of being able to enroll investors in supporting the. Source:

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  • 'Sticker Lady' Sam Lo's first solo show marks the end of a chapter

    08/10/15 ,via Malay Mail Online

    If there is one piece that stands out for Lo, it is the most recent and final one — the eggshell mosaic portrait titled Goodbye, which is a commentary on Lee's final days. And besides, they have adhesive remover, so chill out, man,” she said with

  • Spruce up your rental home's bathroom

    07/23/15 ,via News24

    Where you canand#039;t find self-adhesive vinyl tiles, make sure the existing floor is clean and dry and then use double-sided carpet tape to secure vinyl tiles to the floor. If you are prepared to foot the bill if the landlord wonand#039;t, and you

  • Surgical Glue Approved for Use Inside the Body

    05/10/15 ,via VOA Learning English

    Medical adhesive products are becoming more common. Doctors use medical adhesives to help reconnect damaged tissue. They are able to stick fast and hold the tissue together. But until recently, no product had been approved for use inside the human 

  • SI Vault: Huge Commotion in Mudville: A new twist on Casey at the Bat

    06/03/15 ,via

    Baseball was developing as a kind of adhesive that held together the evolving city and all its diverse types. .. Fox explained this to Casey as they entered the Third Base Saloon and trod across the large mosaic on the floor that spelled out NUF CED.

  • Adhesive Bras: The Fashion Trend That Never Quite Stuck

    02/12/15 ,via TIME

    “For 5,000 years clothes have been draped, tied, buttoned, pinned and buckled on the human form. This year, for the first time in history, they will be glued on.” Imagine the glee LIFE's female readers must have felt at the news that a man had designed

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  • Refresh your kitchen with a stunning DIY backsplash

    11/17/15 ,via Buffalo Reflex

    Mosaic tiles often come on 12” x 12” sheets that are already spaced for even easier application. * Within 24 hours after applying the two-sided adhesive, grout the project. Wet the tile and spread the grout using a grout float at a 45-degree angle.


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