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DiScOnTiNuEd  BLACK GHOSTS glass gems MOSAIC Tile Tiles
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DiScOnTiNuEd BLACK GHOSTS glass gems MOSAIC Tile Tiles

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8mm 200pcs Amber Flat Back Crystal Beads Resin Rhinestone Gems Mosaic Craft  08
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8mm 200pcs Amber Flat Back Crystal Beads Resin Rhinestone Gems Mosaic Craft 08

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Diamond Tech Crafts Mosaic Dots Glass Rounds 8oz-Assorted Colors

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Diamond Tech Crafts Mosaic Dots Glass Rounds 8oz-Assorted Colors by Diamond Tech Crafts

  • Not recommended for children below three years age
  • Made in USA
  • Adds texture and style to your projects

1kg Pack of Round Decorative Glass Pebbles / Stones / Beads / Nuggets / Gems / Mosaic Tiles (Mixed Colour)
1kg Pack of Round Decorative Glass Pebbles / Stones / Beads / Nuggets / Gems / Mosaic Tiles (Mixed Colour) by The Glass Pebble Shop

  • Ideal for floating candle displays, fish tanks, wedding displays
  • 1kg pack of beautiful round decorative pebbles
  • Also great for mosaics

Glass Mosaic Tile Nuggets Tropical Mix Rounded Gems
Glass Mosaic Tile Nuggets Tropical Mix Rounded Gems by Hobby Island Mosaics

  • Use the wheeled cutters for cutting, as other tools may shatter the...
  • 100g contains approximately 24pcs
  • Excellent for all mosaic projects - indoors and outdoors

500g (Approx. 100) Pack of Colourful Mixed Glass Pebbles / Stones / Nuggets / Beads / Gems (Nautical)
500g (Approx. 100) Pack of Colourful Mixed Glass Pebbles / Stones / Nuggets / Beads / Gems (Nautical) by The Glass Pebble Shop

  • Approximately 18mm in diameter
  • Also great for mosaics
  • Perfect for fish tanks and plant pots

Round Mosaic Gems Grey
Round Mosaic Gems Grey by Mosaic Heaven

  • In a great range of 18 colours
  • Approximately 70 gems in this pack
  • Weather resistant so durable for interior and exterior projects

The alternative city guide to Leipzig, Germany - The Guardian

By Josie Le Blond , freelance journalist based in Berlin. Leipzig is Germany’s boom-town. Last year, the city’s population went up by 12,000, a rise of 2% taking the number of residents over 550,000 for the first time since reunification. Many were newcomers arriving with dreams of a near-empty, artistic paradise, buzzing with a do-it-yourself entrepreneurial spirit. A place where almost anything is possible. There’s plenty of room to do it. In the old western industrial quarter of Plagwitz, for example, rows of empty factories wait to be transformed into studios and exhibition spaces along the lines of the sprawling Baumwollspinnerei gallery complex,... Western Leipzig’s latest industrial metamorphosis is the Kunstkraftwerk. Once a crumbling, unsafe ruin, the former power station has been revamped into a mighty installation space now attracting experimental artists from all over the globe. But with all the recent buzz – referred to sardonically by locals as “hypezig” – some areas are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. Plagwitz, long plugged as the beating heart of the city’s underground art scene, is said to be losing some of its edge. “Plagwitz has been the in area for years, but things have already moved on,” says art project manager Angela Straube-Bornberg. She says those disillusioned with Plagwitz now look to the city’s wilder, undeveloped eastern district. “The students all live there now. There are galleries and wild parties and projects everywhere. Behind the boarded-up shop fronts and pop-up galleries, clubs and cafes are perpetually opening up, and being shut down, sometimes within a matter of weeks. “There are a lot of empty buildings around here and rents are still cheap,” says Noriko Minkus, co-founder of the Japanisches Haus , a “post-growth”, not-for-profit community project on Eisenbahnstraße, the district’s core street. “All the young people starting projects makes it a really interesting area. But that means it will soon be under threat from gentrification, too. Alongside art exhibitions, concerts and readings, Minkus and her friends organise children’s workshops and communal meals aimed at “bottom-up international exchange” – bringing the local students closer to the area’s relatively large immigrant... Eisenbahnstraße is not everyone’s idea of the perfect. Source:

'Rogue Nation' keeps its franchise flying high - KCCI Des Moines

The year was 1996. In the middle of the usual popcorn fare of summer blockbusters, one stood above the others. On paper, it shouldn’t have been all that different from its box office counterparts. It had an A-list actor as its star, a director with an impressive resume and grand action set pieces with plenty of chases and explosions. As it turned out, it also had quite a bit of smarts. It was almost unheard of for a blockbuster to require people to pay attention and think, but “Mission: Impossible” dared to defy conventions. Nineteen years later, the fifth installment in its franchise, subtitled “ Rogue Nation ,” keeps this tradition alive and well. After Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) completes a mission where he keeps a load of nerve gas out of enemy hands, he ends up getting captured by a rogue network of spies known as The Syndicate, headed up by the mysterious Solomon Lane (Sean Harris, “The... Before he can be tortured, presumably to death, he’s able to escape their clutches with help from Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson, “The White Queen”), a British agent undercover within The Syndicate. At the same time this is going on in Europe, William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) is defending the continued existence of the IMF in front of a congressional committee. He is being opposed by CIA Director Alan Hunley (Alecc Baldwin), who thinks their methods are too extreme. Hunley succeeds in getting the IMF shut down and its agents absorbed into the CIA. Everyone except Ethan Hunt. Ethan takes his near-torture personally, and he’s bound and determined to locate Lane and destroy The Syndicate. Without an agency, or country, for that matter, to back him, he embarks on a vendetta mission. He reluctantly recruits his stalwart friends Brandt, Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) and Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames), and he accepts help from Ilsa, though he’s never certain what she’ll do in order to save her own neck from Lane and the British... “Rogue Nation” is everything we’ve come to expect from a “Mission: Impossible” movie: A plot with an above average intelligence wrapped around big stunt sequences. By now, you’ve probably seen the ads featuring Cruise actually hanging from the side of a plane as it takes flight. That happens in the first five minutes, and the stunts just ramp up from there. Cruise takes every opportunity to be as fully ensconced in each stunt as he can, using his stunt double sparingly. Source:

YOU SHOULD KNOW | About The Post-War Wave Of Modernist Architecture In Vancouver - Scout Magazine (blog)

by Stevie Wilson | Navigating the streets of Downtown Vancouver can sometimes be an arduous task. the large crowds, deadlocked traffic, and the occasional aimless tourist means one isn’t always able to appreciate the architectural and historical treasures that dot the city’s main thoroughfares. In an attempt to highlight some of these forgotten gems, the latest segment of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s walking tour series featured a fascinating lesson on some of the city’s post-war architecture along the Burrard Street corridor. Led by historian Maurice Guibord, the tour told the stories behind some of the business district’s most elegant examples of Modernist, Brutalist, and International styles of architecture, and an informative discussion of the foundations (no pun... We began with a quick look at the infamous Burrard Hotel, formerly the Burrard Motor Inn, as an example of the post-war Modernist architectural trend. Nearby, the towering Electra Building at Burrard and Nelson boasts an updated version of the seamless minimalist design that was once home to BC Electric. Converted to condos in the 1990s (the first commercial building in the city to do so), the Electra retains its post-war charms through its elegant, multi-windowed storeys and mid-century mosaic work by BC Binning. Next door, Maurice explained how the Dal Grauer Substation has changed in both appearance and purpose over the years. He noted that perhaps it is somewhat ironic to see an art installation (a beautiful 2015 piece by Jessica Eaton) on a building whose International Style of architecture is defined by its resistance to decoration. The evolution of art in action. We continued our tour towards the corner of Burrard and Robson Street, to the large building (now home to Victoria’s Secret ) that was once the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library. Completed in 1957 by architects Semmens & Simpson, the building was designed to be welcoming and accessible for all. Many elements of its exterior have been modified or removed for the multiple tenants over the years, and an original interior tile mosaic by Lionel Thomas in the entryway was destroyed during its initial remodel. Like many of the other post-war buildings we observed on the tour, including the multiple structures comprising the Bentall Centre between Pender and Dunsmuir on Burrard, the. Source:

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  • The alternative city guide to Leipzig, Germany

    08/10/15 ,via The Guardian

    The third in our series of guides to Europe's alt cities takes us to a former GDR metropolis being revitalised by artists. The result is an ever-changing, regulation-defying mosaic of restaurants, galleries and clubs in old industrial spaces. Here

  • Mile of Music puts songs in unexpected places

    08/08/15 ,via Appleton Post Crescent

    APPLETON – It's a festival made for discovery, and Mile of Music again tucked some gems into unconventional spaces. Brian Hucek of Madison found one when intending to use the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel lobby as a shortcut. He stopped on Saturday 

  • 'Rogue Nation' keeps its franchise flying high

    08/07/15 ,via KCCI Des Moines

    underrated gems as “The Way of the Gun” and one of last summer's smartest films, “Edge of Tomorrow.” McQuarrie blends suspense, intrigue and a good dose of humor (mostly courtesy of Pegg) into a rich mosaic that does the previous four entries proud.

  • "Lo Lady" crafts funky jewelry with vintage items

    08/05/15 ,via Jackson Clarion Ledger

    "What sells in Fondren is more mixed media with gems and geometric designs. What sells in Madison is a little more traditional." Lo Lady Fashion — so named for Miltner herself, who sometimes goes by Lo said building owner and developer Mike Peters

  • Liberty-Dayton Area Chamber Auction list getting longer

    08/06/15 ,via Liberty Vindicator

    Top covered with vintage jewelry and gems. Lace on sides, lined with felt and beads. Long Horn Skull-wall art, beautifully decorated in a red/white/blue mosaic Texas flag pattern with single metal store in the center of the skull. Measures

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  • Preciosa adorns Škoda Superb Black Crystal concept car

    11/17/15 ,via Diamond World

    The stellar white Škoda Superb, or the so-called “Sculpture” invites comparisons to glass gems in the form of the historic lighting fixtures in the Marie Terezie style, and creates a dialogue between lighting fixtures, the public, and architecture.


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Glass Gems - Mosaic Art Supply mosaic tile

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Mini Mosaic Gems are great little pieces of fun. They are a bit smaller than our Metallic Mosaic Gems and come in an assortment of primary colors.

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Glass Gems and Toy Marbles as Glass Mosaic Tile

Glass gems and toy marbles can be used as a type of glass mosaic tile in mixed-media mosaic artwork.

Mosaic gems | lane's | Pinterest

Mosaic gems | lane's | Pinterest
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Mosaic Gems Graduated Black Rhodonite NLace 76cm

Mosaic Gems Graduated Black Rhodonite NLace 76cm
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Counting and color with mosaic gems and a rainbow

Counting and color with mosaic gems and a rainbow