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Vitrex Mosaic & Glass Tile Nipper VITMGN002


Vitrex Mosaic & Glass Tile Nipper VITMGN002 by Vitrex

  • Easily cuts through glass tiles and mosaics of up to 6mm thick.
  • Nippers are able to cut straight, at and angle or around curves.
  • Ideal for cutting awkward shapes, such as around pipes.

TILE RITE TWN284 Glass Mosaic Titanium Wheel Tile Nippers

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TILE RITE TWN284 Glass Mosaic Titanium Wheel Tile Nippers by Tile Rite

  • Soft grip double dipped handles for comfort
  • Cuts up to a maximum tile thickness of 12mm
  • Replaceable titanium coated cutting wheels 22mm

XCSOURCE Professional 8" 200mm Mosaic Plier YG8 Wheel Blades Cutting Glass Tile Ceramic Cutter Nipper DIY Tools HS940
XCSOURCE Professional 8" 200mm Mosaic Plier YG8 Wheel Blades Cutting Glass Tile Ceramic Cutter Nipper DIY Tools HS940 by XCSOURCE

  • Rubber handles for extra grip and comfort.
  • High quality 200mm pliers with 22mm blade, max cutting thickness...
  • Long lasting and special designed carbide wheel jaw can easily cut...

Hobby Island Mosaics Score and Sap mosaic Cutter
Hobby Island Mosaics Score and Sap mosaic Cutter

  • This tool is perfect for cutting straight lines in stained glass or...
  • Simply score a line with the integrated blade then squeeze it in...
  • A practical smaller version of a tile cutter

GOBEST tile cutter pliers 200 mm for mosaic, glass tiles, YG-8X blades (GB-0031)

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GOBEST tile cutter pliers 200 mm for mosaic, glass tiles, YG-8X blades (GB-0031) by GOBEST

  • Soft grip handles for comfort of work
  • High quality Tungsten Carbide cutting wheels YG-8X
  • Essential tool for every tiler


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    “We're always exploring the limits of what you can do with glass.” Sam Hilliard said the process involves cutting small shapes of glass out of a large sheet, firing the pieces in a kiln to round out the edges, wrapping each piece in copper foil

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    Even in my father's home town, which is much larger, there always is someone who wants to show me a sculpture Dad made of their dog or the beautiful outdoor wall of glass mosaics he created for their beach house. I am so fortunate to have such creative

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  • Anna Meyrick builds her mosaic art pieces with many types of objects

    Meyrick's multimedia works bring together colored glass, paint, jewels and found objects. She is “I had a lot of frustration in my life at the time, so I'd come home and just start hammer materials to make art, often cutting myself in the process

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  • Hand-Cut Newspaper Mosaics Slow Down Our Reading

    11/19/15 ,via

    She then takes the stack to her studio, where she uses an X-Acto knife to cut away at the flimsy sheets, creating a mosaic of chopped-up texts and patterns centered around a photograph of the day she finds especially arresting. After two years of cutting ...


Mosaic Glass Cutter

Mosaic Glass Cutter is our recommended hand tool for cutting glass mosaic tile with minimal crushing and splintering. Mosaic Glass Cutter Mosaic Glass Cutter. ... Glass cutters have tungsten carbide scribing wheel, and "breaking wings ... Arts, Crafts & Sewing: See all 42 items.

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Home Depot product reviews and customer ratings for Mosaic and Glass Tile Cutter Installation Kit. Read and compare experiences customers have had with ...

Cutters - Mosaico - Glass & Mosaic Supplies, Bisazza ...

Leponitt is the superior quality and recommended brand mosaic tile cutter. This quality tool is designed to easily cut glass, especially mosaic tiles, and ...

Cutting mosaic and glass with manual tile cutter

Cutting mosaic and glass with manual tile cutter Montolit Masterpiuma P3 & Mosakit rubber pad

Franklin Art Glass Studios Inc. | Glass Cutters

Franklin Art Glass Studios Inc. | Glass Cutters

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